Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueWith a perfect 4-under par three hole scramble session — two birdies and an eagle — the father/son team of Vaughn and Dave Snyder earned just enough of the bonus pots in Week 18 to claim the 2020 Chippewa Scratch League Leaderboard title.

The winners of the final League session of 2020 were Bobby Harmon and Eric Coleman, posting a solid 7-under par score in the 3/3/3 jumble format. The pair shot 3-under par in scramble, 1-under par in better ball, and 3-under par in aggregate shamble, good for a one shot victory over Team Snyder.

In addition to their overall winner’s share, Harmon and Coleman cashed in all three segments to earn $516.00 total in Week 18, jumping them well up the Leaderboard with their great round.

Team Snyder earned $342 for their Week 18 efforts, pushing them in front of previous leader Rob Schustrich by $24.

The 2020 season was a huge success, as the overall number of weekly competitors was up significantly. 64 players earned some piece of the pie in these 18 weeks. Thanks to Drew and Kyle for all of their administrative work that led to another great Chippewa Scratch League season!

2020 Chippewa Monday 2-M Scratch League

Jumble 3/3/3 Format: Front 9
Monday, September 28, 2020

Overall Results:
1st: Eric Coleman / Bobby Harmon (40) $270.00
2nd: Vaughn Snyder / Dave Snyder (41) $162.00
T3rd: Kyle Jones / Mike Simpson (42) $36.00
T3rd: Justin Trze / John Barber (42) $36.00
T3rd: Sam Spino / Dave Oates (42) $36.00
18 teams competed

Mike Armour / Jason Chadima #4 (3) $270.00
Chris Helaney / Nate Matthews #9 (6) $270.00

Holes #1 – #3 Scramble:
1st: Vaughn Snyder / Dave Snyder (8) $180.00
T2nd: John Karamas / Shaun Kloetzer (9) $36.00
T2nd: Mike Simpson / Kyle Jones (9) $36.00
T2nd: Al Freeman / Ty Kovach (9) $36.00
T2nd: Eric Coleman / Bobby Harmon (9) $36.00
T2nd: Dan Marr / Bobby Spino (9) $36.00

Holes #4 – #6 Better Ball:
T1st: Mike Simpson / Kyle Jones (10) $120.00
T1st: Al Freeman / Ty Kovach (10) $120.00
T1st: Eric Coleman / Bobby Harmon (10) $120.00

Holes #7 – #9 Shamble Combined:
T1st: Sam Spino / Dave Oates (21) $90.00
T1st: Chris Helaney / Nate Matthews (21) $90.00
T1st: Eric Coleman / Bobby Harmon (21) $90.00
T1st: Jimmy Wild / Ryan Stefansky (21) $90.00


Dave Snyder$1,035.99$845.99$190.00
Vaughn Snyder$1,035.99$845.99$190.00
Rob Schustrich$1,012.00$412.00$600.00
Jimmy Wild$953.42$896.75$56.67
Chris Okeson$952.00$352.00$600.00
John Pattakos$715.08$219.25$495.83
John Kabasky$694.91$364.91$330.00
Nate Petry$694.91$364.91$330.00
Allen Freeman$646.27$479.60$166.67
Ty Kovach$646.27$479.60$166.67
Conner McCaulley$631.93$526.93$105.00
Tommy Miano$631.93$526.93$105.00
Brian Gamble$606.88$106.88$500.00
John Vellios$606.88$106.88$500.00
Matt Frey$593.75$593.75$0.00
John Karamas$521.07$341.07$180.00
Shaun Kloetzer$521.07$341.07$180.00
Ryan Stefanski$519.80$358.13$161.67
Bobby Harmon$466.17$409.50$56.67
Bobby Spino$444.98$308.31$136.67
Shaun Gamble$385.00$55.00$330.00
Eric Coleman$358.50$358.50$0.00
Justin Trzebuckowski$356.75$155.08$201.67
Jason Chadima$353.10$123.10$230.00
Mike Armour$353.10$123.10$230.00
Bill Richards$259.58$146.25$113.33
Nate Matthews$255.00$120.00$135.00
Dan Marr$223.25$143.25$80.00
Adam Arman$222.75$65.25$157.50
Mike Patton$222.75$65.25$157.50
Jeff Mallette$221.73$165.06$56.67
Dave Trier$215.38$120.38$95.00
Dean Cutlip$201.88$106.88$95.00
Bob Berkheimer$198.73$58.73$140.00
Shayne Bishop$195.10$195.10$0.00
Chris Helaney$195.00$60.00$135.00
Dennis Berkheimer$191.53$51.53$140.00
Ken Koprivec$190.00$190.00$0.00
Mike Simpson$188.10$83.10$105.00
John Toth$147.50$77.50$70.00
Dave Oates$121.93$121.93$0.00
Sam Spino$121.93$121.93$0.00
Aaron Czetli$105.00$0.00$105.00
Matt Gasser$98.10$98.10$0.00
Tim Hepner$98.10$98.10$0.00
Brian Vincelette$91.43$91.43$0.00
Max DeCheco$79.00$9.00$70.00
Kyle Jones$78.00$78.00$0.00
Mike Shisler$70.50$18.00$52.50
Matt Warren$68.50$68.50$0.00
Daniel Mosher$63.75$63.75$0.00
Jim Grosso$63.75$63.75$0.00
Tyler Watkins$61.45$21.45$40.00
Chris Ramaglia$60.50$60.50$0.00
Aaron Crewse$60.00$60.00$0.00
Kevin Breen$51.00$51.00$0.00
Colton Vincelette$31.43$31.43$0.00
Gunnar McCollister$27.50$27.50$0.00
Troy Schonover$27.50$27.50$0.00
Jonathan Barber$18.00$18.00 
Alex Loftin$13.50$13.50$0.00
Jeff Dean$9.50$9.50$0.00
Jim Niskanen$9.50$9.50$0.00
Ryan Gutowski$7.20$7.20$0.00