2020 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 14 Results

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With 25 teams competing in Week 14, Vaughn and Dave Snyder won the front-9 scramble session while Brian Gamble and John Vellios swept the entire skins pot.

Team Snyder posted a 6-under par 29 to win by one shot over a pair of teams. The victory jumps them to T4 on the 2020 Leaderboard.

But the big winners were Gamble and Vellios, whose birdie-2 to a deep pin on the par-3 second netted them a smart $500.

With his T2 finish this week, Rob Schustrich takes over the top spot on the 2020 Leaderboard with just four more weeks to go. 60 players have cashed so far this year, so anything could happen between now and the end of the 2020 season…

Week 14 Results:
2020 Chippewa Monday 2-M Scratch League

Scramble: Front 9
Monday, August 24, 2020

1st: Vaughn Snyder / Dave Snyder (29) $375.00
T2nd: Brian Vincelette / Aaron Crewse (30) $120.00
T2nd: Rob Schustrich / Nate Matthews (30) $120.00
T4th: Alex Loftin / Dave Trier (31) $27.00
T4th: Matt Gasser / Tim Hepner (31) $27.00
T4th: John Toth / Matt Warren (31) $27.00
T4th: Al Freeman / Ty Kovach (31) $27.00
T4th: Shaun Kloetzer / John Karamas (31) $27.00
25 teams competed

Skins: $500.00
Brian Gamble / John Vellios – Hole #2 (Birdie 2) $500.00


Rob Schustrich$757.00$277.00$480.00
John Pattakos$715.08$219.25$495.83
Chris Okeson$697.00$217.00$480.00
Dave Snyder$685.99$575.99$110.00
Vaughn Snyder$685.99$575.99$110.00
John Kabasky$674.81$344.81$330.00
Nate Petry$674.81$344.81$330.00
Conner McCaulley$631.93$526.93$105.00
Tommy Miano$631.93$526.93$105.00
Jimmy Wild$593.75$593.75$0.00
Matt Frey$593.75$593.75$0.00
John Karamas$503.07$323.07$180.00
Shaun Kloetzer$503.07$323.07$180.00
Allen Freeman$439.00$329.00$110.00
Ty Kovach$439.00$329.00$110.00
Bobby Spino$420.98$284.31$136.67
Shaun Gamble$385.00$55.00$330.00
Brian Gamble$356.88$106.88$250.00
John Vellios$356.88$106.88$250.00
Bill Richards$259.58$146.25$113.33
Justin Trzebuckowski$231.08$86.08$145.00
Adam Arman$222.75$65.25$157.50
Mike Patton$222.75$65.25$157.50
Jeff Mallette$221.73$165.06$56.67
Dave Trier$215.38$120.38$95.00
Jason Chadima$213.00$118.00$95.00
Mike Armour$213.00$118.00$95.00
Dean Cutlip$201.88$106.88$95.00
Dan Marr$199.25$119.25$80.00
Ken Koprivec$190.00$190.00$0.00
Shayne Bishop$190.00$190.00$0.00
Ryan Stefanski$160.13$55.13$105.00
John Toth$138.50$68.50$70.00
Aaron Czetli$105.00$0.00$105.00
Mike Simpson$105.00$0.00$105.00
Bobby Harmon$100.50$100.50$0.00
Eric Coleman$100.50$100.50$0.00
Matt Gasser$98.10$98.10$0.00
Tim Hepner$98.10$98.10$0.00
Brian Vincelette$91.43$91.43$0.00
Mike Shisler$70.50$18.00$52.50
Max DeCheco$70.00$0.00$70.00
Matt Warren$68.50$68.50$0.00
Daniel Mosher$63.75$63.75$0.00
Jim Grosso$63.75$63.75$0.00
Tyler Watkins$61.45$21.45$40.00
Aaron Crewse$60.00$60.00$0.00
Nate Matthews$60.00$60.00$0.00
Dave Oates$58.93$58.93$0.00
Sam Spino$58.93$58.93$0.00
Bob Berkheimer$38.63$38.63$0.00
Colton Vincelette$31.43$31.43$0.00
Dennis Berkheimer$31.43$31.43$0.00
Gunnar McCollister$27.50$27.50$0.00
Troy Schonover$27.50$27.50$0.00
Alex Loftin$13.50$13.50$0.00
Chris Ramaglia$9.50$9.50$0.00
Jeff Dean$9.50$9.50$0.00
Jim Niskanen$9.50$9.50$0.00
Ryan Gutowski$7.20$7.20$0.00
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