2016 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 25 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameA wet, windy and cold evening attracted a small field to Shale Creek Golf Club in Medina (which had some of the best greens of the season!) for Week 25 of the Greater Cleveland Skins Game.

Mark Foss struck first with a double-dip on the par-3 11th hole. Skins each paid $76.66. The pin shot paid $20.00.

First-timer Paul Wolanin from Parma rolled in a 15-footer on the 13th hole to nab the second skin of the evening. But Paul was not done, as he also nabbed the Mulligan’s Pin Shot on the difficult 17th hole, which paid him another $30.00.

Smooth-swinging Jack Garswood hammered two shots on the tricky par-five 14th hole and two putted for his birdie to win the third and final skin won on the evening.

Three par-3s are in play on the back nine at Shale Creek. The third pin shot went to another first time player, Bob Lucas, who threw a dart to 3 feet on the 15th hole worth $20.00.

Steve Blackburn Jr. still leads the race for the Thompson Cup with only two weeks remaining in the season.

Week 26 takes the Greater Cleveland Skins Game to the always-challenging Little Mountain Country Club in Concord on Thursday October 6th with a 4:30pm start time.


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Steve Blackburn Jr$1,460.829$1,143.826$317.00
Nick Anagnost$1,284.666$1,034.665$250.00
Dan Predovic$1,012.005$958.001$54.00
Dave Sotka$815.495$701.492$114.00
Mark Foss$769.324$567.326$202.00
Erron Gomez$765.002$621.001$144.00
Brian Polick$708.996$458.993$250.00
Brian Perkins$528.002$480.001$48.00
Jim Krivanek$526.002$345.003$181.00
Bill Speirs$513.323$360.323$153.00
Chris Okeson$467.832$335.832$132.00
Joey DiDonato$451.323$337.322$114.00
Mike Angie$426.663$275.664$151.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$282.992$206.991$76.00
Kevin Leymaster$263.662$191.661$72.00
Mike Dota$237.002$237.00
Gary Santore$228.501$228.50
John Niedzialek$203.162$203.16
Jarrod Dixon$184.001$46.002$138.00
Phil Bojc$144.661$144.66
Paul Wolanin$106.661$76.661$30.00
Doug Barber$88.161$88.16
Mark White$84.001$84.00
Rob Schustrich$80.002$80.00
Jack Garswood$76.661$76.66
George Smiltins$69.001$69.00
Greg Coben$48.001$48.00
Nick Fiore$30.001$30.00
Bob Lucas$20.001$20.00
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