2008 Cleveland Skins Game – Week 5 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins Game18 players vied for the $540 pot on a chilly, blustery day at Fowlers Mill GC today, and three skins worth $138 each were won.

Russ Rybka of Bainbridge made the most of his first trip to the Greater Cleveland Skins Game, as he cashed in on a pin shot/birdie combination on the 190-yard par-3 third hole, good for a $201 total.

Steve Blackburn Jr. won the second skin with an eagle on the par-5 fifth hole, knocking in a 50-foot bomb of a putt.

And Mark Foss continued his steady play and still sits atop the 2008 Greater Cleveland Skins Game Leaderboard after his birdie on the par-4 ninth hole captured the third skin of the evening.

Allen Freeman found his way onto the 2008 Leaderboard by capturing the pin shot on the seventh hole, worth $63.00.

The Skins game moves to Thunder Hill in Madison next Thursday (May 22) starting at 5:00 p.m. Green Fee rates will be $15.00 riding. Please thank the course management for providing Greater Cleveland Skins Game participants with this special rate. Any players that wants a “warm up 9 hole round” before the scheduled skins game must call the course first to make such arrangements.

2008 Greater Cleveland Skins Game Leaderboard
1) Mark Foss – $483.00
2) Steve Blackburn Jr. – $441.60
3) Paul Kish – $268.60
4) Geoff Nicely – $236.50
5) Russ Rybka – $201.00
6) Dave Sotka – $187.50
7) Brian McGinty – $184.00
8) Garry Zehe – $166.50
9)  Phil Bosc – $103.50
10) Jeff Ettinger – $84.00
11) John Niedzialek – $63.00
12) Allen Freeman – $63.00
13) Steve Blackburn Sr. – $59.80
14) Jim Lebzelter – $52.50
15) Tom Bond – $45.50

— John Niedzialek

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